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Into Balance is a community for helping people find peace and confidence in a frantic world using mindfulness principles, meditation, movement, and professional counseling. 

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Mindfulness at Into Balance

Formal Mindfulness practices include Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, and Tai Chi.  Informal Mindfulness practice can include anything you are doing, so long as you are paying attention closely, in the present moment, without judgment, and with a degree of compassion.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and the immediate environment, on purpose and non-judgmentally, from moment to moment instead of going through life on automatic pilot or actively attempting to avoid what is happening.

When we practice mindfulness, we focus on what we are experiencing in the present moment rather than regretting the past, which we cannot change; and rather than worrying about an imagined future that has not come.

Mindfulness is not just a technique or a strategy, though it can be applied this way.  It is a way of being.  Mindfulness is a way to live your life.  Elements of Mindfulness are woven into counseling services at Into Balance, and of course they are an integral part of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program.  

Meditation is one of the formal Mindfulness practices. Whether you are brand new to meditating or and old pro, feel free to try this brief meditation on the breath. If possible, find a private, quiet place and take a few moments for yourself. A variety of other recordings of guided meditations or varying types and duration can be found here.